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  Welcome to Kid Logic Learning.  We are conveniently located at 72  Suite #2 Ethan Allen Dr. South Burlington, VT 05403 Close to ANG, FAHC, Saint Michael s College and I-89. Please come and check out or new educational child care facility.
Our Philosophy is to build upon;
Foundations of Learning, Recognizing each child's uniqueness, Exploring the world around us, Enriching all children s's lives, Stimulating minds for growth and development and to Provide support to children and families.
Here is the info you have requested:) See Parent Info tab about Positive Discipline  guidelines, tips and tools we use in our Kid Logic Learning community !
 Parents here is a link to Helping Children Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns by Scott Noyes
Also he will be back for another parent/teacher seminar on jan. 8th! Helping_Children_Develop_Healthy_Sleep_Patterns_handout_2013 (1) (1).pdf
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Free Parenting Workshop Series

Sponsored by Building Bright Futures of Essex Growing Kids Essex Junction 

Helping Children Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns

JANUARY 5th Scott Noyes

ADL middle school Essex Junction @ 6pm

Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on physical health and mental impairments. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and moderate our emotions. The loss of one hour of sleep for a child each night is equivalent to two years of cognitive maturation and development. In addition, sleep-deprived people fail to recall pleasant memories yet recall gloomy memories just fine. We will review the facts and address the importance of sleep and how to help children establish and maintain healthy sleep habits. 

Helping Children Resolve Conflict & Manage Anger

JANUARY 12th Scott Noyes 

ADL middle school Essex Junction @ 6pm

Valuable lifelong lessons are learned from childhood disputes. Helping children learn to disagree is a skill many of us have never been exposed to. This presentation stresses resolving conflict through mediation, triads, and supportive intervention. Helping children with emotional development, specifically working with anger, will be addressed.

NEW The Blue Brain - being male, young & energetic

FEBRUARY 2nd Scott Noyes

ADL middle school Essex Junction @ 6pm

The male vs. female brain "research" is filled with myths. Most of the differences in development are the result of nurture not nature. We will examine the few innate differences in male and female brains then go on to look at how parents, peers and society influence the wiring of our most complex system. The program concludes by asking if "Rough and Tumble Play" belongs in childhood and offers time for action steps in addressing the blue brain.

***Free childcare on a first come first serve basis for children ages 2-10 (limited to 15 children for each workshop so RSVP early!)******

PLEASE SEND RSVP to bbfessexvt@gmail.com or call Danielle at 876.7555.


Come see how we enrich children lives, build school community, support parent/child interest & needs, model positive social emotional peer play, support all children growth and development!
                 For more information email info@kidlogiclearning.com Or Call 802-660-3600

                           You can now order from Scholastic Reading Club on line

Ordering on line is quick, easy and convenient. Shop the flyer's that you 
receive in your child’s mailbox AND additional on line catalogs available 
exclusively on line. Search for specific titles, and browse 
recommendations for interests, reading level and current events. Each 
order placed on line earns points toward books and educational 
materials for Kid Logic’s classrooms. 
                               Follow these steps to get started today!! 
. Go to https://clubs2.scholastic.com 
. Click the Get Started link under Parents 
. Click the Register Now link to create a new account 
. Complete the parent registration, when asked to link your child to 
their teacher, enter the code “MFQPY” to link them to Ms. Crystal 
and Kid Logic Learning 
Order due Dec 12 to get back for holidday gifts!
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