Infant and Toddler Wing Classrooms

Include Infant room and play space, Toddler Room, and Bridge room
Offering high quality care to children ages – 3 months to 36 months

Infant/Ones Room:

Has a 1 teacher to 4 children ratio, with 2 teacher team focused on each group’s developmental need and supporting the care and nurturing that is needed. This room is provided the quality of care required to support the growth and development of each child. Teachers start sign language as a form of communication while building upon language, and social & emotional development. As motor skills develop older infants move into their own play space appropriate for their growth to learn walking, climbing, and balance. This group enjoy walks, sensory play, music, and literacy, while children play and explore their environment they are observed by teachers carefully to create lessons and opportunities that honor each child’s interest in a nurturing and positive environment.

The Toddler Room:

This classroom environment is supported by two teachers while children explore teachers carefully observe and assess interest of each childs learning that assist in creating lessons to offer materials and opportunities that honor each child’s interest. Children follow a consistent daily routine and curriculum that promotes all stages of growth within a classroom environment. Materials are rotated appropriately to support all areas of learning. A primary goal is for teachers to model and share POSITIVE social-emotional interactions and language with their peers and children. Language skills are built through opportunities for open ended play within the classroom, support independent skills, potty training, gross motor play, natural  exploration, and outdoor play

toddler looking out play structure window