Kid Logic Nutrition Policy and Procedures 2018

Our program follows the best practice procedures and policies offered by our state of Vermont Child Care Regulations CBCCP, NAEYC standards for National Health and Safety standards along with the USDA guidelines. We use these resources to offer the appropriate amount of food groups for children in planning our breakfast and snack offerings each day.

However, Kid Logic also values quality and the importance of what food options we are providing that are consumed by children. We understand the importance of where our food comes from therefore we offer as much organic and whole food options as possible.

Children are served breakfast and afternoon snack, which include a protein, whole grain, and fruit or vegetable with Organic whole milk (ages 12 mo – 2 years) or Organic 1% milk (ages 3 years & up). These choices may be available to all children starting at one year of age.

You can find our weekly servings on our Facebook page or posted on our menu board located in the Kitchen.

Kid Logic Learning also values the importance of children who may have special dietary needs and disabilities. We will always support special nutritional accommodations that best meet the needs of all children.

Helpful Information

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