At Kid Logic Learning our curriculum is based on many foundations of developmentally appropriate curriculum aligned with (VELS) the Vermont Early Learning Standards, Our goal is to become (NAEYC) accredited (National Association for the education of young children), because we strive to support standards of high quality care and education, Teaching Strategies Gold, assessing the development of each child reported in the school census at the beginning and end of the academic year and providing your chills portfolio to their ADM school district for Kindergarten review.
Vermont licensed teachers at Kid Logic Learning plan lessons around promoting a positive, safe, and healthy learning environment. The core areas of learning; Social & Emotional Development, Language, Literacy & Communication, Creative Expression, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Physical Health & Development. These areas for growth and development are supported with our philosophy of accommodating all children. As children experience  these important concepts in development the curriculum implemented is consistent with its goals for children to promote learning and development with effective methods for fostering children’s learning and development are ensured with teachers knowledge of the individual child. The curriculum effectiveness is in the intentional planning that maximizes children’s learning through effective use of time, materials, self-initiated learning, offers opportunities for children to learn individual and in groups according to their developmental needs and interest.
Children will learn in classroom settings with daily schedules that follow small group instructions each day. An extension of  classroom learning will continue in other areas to include enrichment such as the Studio for mind body and spirit of the whole child, Catamount Family Center for science and nature experiences, Outdoor play using imaginative ideas, and Art class to support creative expression.

This is just a sample of the programs goals for children to thrive in enriching early education and youth programs. Contact us at to come view  our school, explore classrooms and meet teachers to see what our school community really means to us.